Top 50 Chargers of All Time Named

Fouts, Tomlinson top list of greatest Bolts ever

After months of voting, the Chargers announced their 50 Anniversary team on Tuesday. It's not a big surprise who's at the top.

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts was named the Greatest Charger of All Time. More than 400,000 fans voted for the team. Fouts is a six-time Pro Bowler, won the NFL MVP award in 1982,and still holds 17 team passing records. The only player in franchise history who might have a more impressive resume than Fouts is the guy who finished right behind him in the voting.

Running back LaDainian Tomlinson is the only player in NFL history to score at least 10 touchdowns in each of his first eight seasons. L.T. holds 28 team records and will one day end up next to Fouts in Canton, Ohio, at the Football Hall of Fame.

"When you talk about 50 years," Tomlinson said, "You talk about guys passing it along, guys moving on, but they're showing the younger guys what it means to be a Charger. That's what it's about to me. I'm trying to pass it down to some of the younger guys now."

Top 50 Chargers of All Time

Philip Rivers is one of four quarterbacks to make the list. This 50th anniversary season has really helped him put things in perspective.

"Seeing all the old uniforms and just seeing the history of this organization, you realize how special it is to be a San Diego Charger and what a great honor this is," Rivers said on Tuesday.

Running back Chuck Muncie, who only played five years for the Chargers, made the team, too. When asked if anyone important was left off the list, he said there were plenty.

"Whether they were the practice guys you practiced against," said Muncie, "ran the offense against, the scout guys, what have you, every guy made that game successful for you. So when you talk about who's missing on the list, I'd say my whole team."

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