Sinkhole Opens Up During On-Camera Interview

The drama started early in the morning when neighbors said they heard a loud noise after a six-inch concrete water main broke in Hillcrest.

The pipe sent thousands of gallons of water rushing onto the corner of Cypress Avenue and Georgia Street.

“I woke up and heard the sound and went to the window and saw the water,” resident Jan Gayhart said.

The water was gushing everywhere.

“This man’s home had a lot of water. It’s gone now but there was a lot of water there,” Gayhart said. “It was so early nobody knew what was going on.”

As Gayhart described his early wake up call, he suddenly looked off to the side.

“Whoa,” he said.

As the camera swung around, it revealed a large sinkhole forming in the road and water bubbling up onto the street.

City crews are working on the leak. They’re unsure when water will be restored to the customers affected by the leak.

Arian Collins, with the San Diego Public Utilities Department, estimates service should be restored to customers just around midnight.

Police have closed off Cypress street at Georgia.

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