Renting Items From Your Own Garage

Neighbors rent to neighbors to make money

Could there be money in your future by renting the things that are gathering dust?  That is the idea behind a new website that allows neighbors to rent to other neighbors.  Everything from digital cameras to strollers are now up for rent through a website called ZILOK .COM.

"It's a new way to save money and to make money by renting the things that they have and don't use all the time to other people who need them," said Jeff Boudier with ZILOK.  "The idea is we have so much stuff that we barely use."

So ZILOK is an online bulletin board that brings people together, turning items in a garage into money.  Boudier says the owner sets the price and then Zilok helps put together the deal.  The website includes a contract and a deposit to protect the person renting personal items.

Many rent for between 15 and 20 percent of the original prices.  Boudier said, "It means if you rent your things six times you will have made more money than if you would have sold it."

ZILOK is trying to set up in major U.S. cities and in five countries.  The website takes between five and 10 percent of each transaction.  Some of the most popular rented items include cameras, video games and baby items.

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