Put the Wet Stuff on the Hot Stuff

As June Gloom (hopefully) comes to an end, we inch closer to the beautiful summer weather we've all come to expect in our sun-drenched southwestern paradise. San Diegans from all over the county will soon be flocking toward any available body of water in an effort to beat the blistering heat. But with so many options to keep your bod cool, where does one look to locate that perfect H2Oasis? Why, that's just what this Weekly Yelp is all about!

If you're the type that digs the great outdoors, unleash your adventurous side and take a dip with Danielle B at La Jolla Cove: "I regularly swim out to the ocean's 1/2-mile marker in the morning hours to observe wildlife. I've seen lobsters, seals, sharks and dozens of other species of fish. It's definitely my favorite thing to do in San Diego!" Perhaps your idea of fun revolves around frolicking in the surf? In that case, strap on your finest Roxy gear and prepare for a wardrobe malfunction at Windansea Beach. Celine P advises, "The waves can get a little rough sometimes, so if you're in a super skimpy bikini, it's probably not a good idea to go in the water."

Want to enjoy a refreshing afternoon without fear of being eaten by a great white or losing your maillot? Then head to the retro Pearl Hotel for a romp in their teardrop-shaped saltwater pool. "This hotel reminds me of a '70s porn studio," quips Brad H, adding, "bring a floaty, some old swim trunks and grow a sweet mustache ... the place is simply delightful." As to Brad's intimate knowledge of classic porn studios, we simply have no comment. For city slickers, the Lafayette Hotel serves up a concrete pond that's sure to spell relief through any heat wave. Amanda S offers: "The pool is pretty amazing, and the jacuzzi has a bar right next to it. Hell, yeah! It's like a party any day of the week!"

For parents looking for a safe place to splash around with their grommits, consider crossing the bridge to the kid-friendly Coronado Beach with Janet D. Or have your own family beach party with Dana S at La Jolla Shores, where you'll find "a kids play area, a grassy area for barbecues and a slowly sloping shore that's great for beginning divers." Just make sure and wait 30 minutes after eating, ya hear?

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