Puck Daddy Stanley Cup Final Game 7 Live Blog

There's really nothing left to say. You either believe or you don't, which means you're either a Pittsburgh Penguins or Detroit Red Wings loyalist. For the record, the Wings are killer good at the Joe, and Kevin Smith likes the Penguins tonight.

All are welcome in the Game 7 live blog. Please join us for our raucous, outrageous and sometimes even insightful Stanley Cup Final chat tonight beginning at 7:45 p.m. EST. Yours truly will be chatting and Tweeting, as the venerable Matt Sussman (whose work can be seen at The Layoff Beard, Deadspin, Blogcritics, and the Toledo Free Press) and the usual cast of characters make hockey better.

Tell a friend, and as always, please do bring the funny.

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