Fight Video: Sheldon Souray's southpaw destruction of Weller

What a strange start to last night's fight between Craig Weller of the Minnesota Wild and Sheldon Souray of the Edmonton Oilers. Check out how Oilers captain Ethan Moreau skates over expecting to go, and both Weller and Souray indicate, "No, dude, we got it, thanks." Based on the results, Weller selected the wrong dance partner:

The fight occurred in the third period as the Wild had a 3-1 lead; they went on to win, 5-1. Not many NHL battles end with one team's trainer scurrying onto the ice, which was probably because the brawl happened so close to the Minnesota bench.

Too bad the fight was so one-sided; we were looking forward to the part where Souray smiles at Weller and says, "I know something you don't know. I ... am not left-handed!"

Souray, the former Montreal Canadiens defenseman having a nice rebound season after injuries derailed his first with the Oil, now has four fights on the year; according to's voters, he's 3-0-1. Two years ago, he was 3-0 with the Habs.

He doesn't fight often, and -- no disrespect to Souray foes Craig Weller or David Clarkson of the New Jersey Devils -- it's not as if he's fighting guys like Daniel Carcillo.

(Carcillo, the Phoenix Coyotes brawler, fought Rob Davison of the Vancouver Canucks last night, and was given what appeared to be a Rock Bottom for the loss. If you smmmmmmell what Rob Davison is cookin', that is.)

But when Souray does decide to go, he's a pretty damn good fighter. So here's the question: Who are the best fighters in the NHL that hardly ever drop the gloves?

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