Presidential Parties

Thousands of San Diegans spent their Tuesday night celebrating like it was a Saturday night.

The celebration was for a new historical chapter in our nation as President Barack Obama took office.

"What really stuck out in my mind was when it turned noon back there and then I realized that he was really going to become the 44th President of the United States," said Sharon Whitehurst-Payne.  She was one of the 200 people who attended a gala in Lincoln Park for President Obama.

San Diego City Council member Tony Young also attended the event which had a big screen showing President Obama's speech.  A speech Young called an inspiration. 

"When he talked about all the values America has, all of the things that we have accomplished and the people who would doubt that we now could overcome the ones in front of us today," Young said. 

Across town at the W Hotel, more than 1,000 people also celebrated at a party put on by the San Diego Young Democrats.

Morgan Simpson said she'll never forget the image of the 2 million people who went to the inauguration to watch our new President take office. 

"Everybody was gathered together for an amazing moment in history," Simpson said.

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