Grasshoppers Plague California Community

Mild winter brings on infestation

It may be one of the most scenic places in the county, but right now, Lake Henshaw is infested with grasshoppers.

The swarms of grasshoppers are not unusual for this time of year, but the county entomologist said it is the worst swarm since 2002. This year's infestation has been brought on by a mild winter that has allowed larvae to survive longer than normal.
It's not only a pesky problem, but also a messy problem that is a nuisance for the local resort.

"I've been chasing them around with a broom, then I get the dustpan, and they're bouncing out of the dustpan, but my customers have been very helpful," Lake Henshaw resident Lindsay Hurst said. "There's one. There's one."

The grasshoppers have also been a major nuisance for motorcyclists and bike riders, who said they've had to wipe off pieces of grasshopper from their arms and faces.
The grasshoppers will die off from natural causes .. or as road kill, as the case may be, in a few days.

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