Bad Economy or Not, Dogs Need Shades

Shades cost $25 per pair

A La Jolla -- where else? -- eyeware dealer is now offering sunglasses for pets.

"We just started carrying the doggy shades, so this provides the UVA and UVB protection for our dogs," optician Wendy Perea said on Tuesday.

The shades are not only functional, they can also help Molly, your golden retriever, make a fashion statement. GW Eye Associates in the 7800 block of Fay Avenue is selling the eyeware for both canines and felines. The sunglasses are available in different colors and styles to fit your pet's personality.
The sunglasses are $25 for a single pair or two for $40.   

Eric S. Page reports about all things San Diego, but he draws the line at cat stories -- OK, so he sort of made an exception here. You can follow his updates at or send him a story idea.

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