Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight

In years past, Hotel Solamar’s nightlife vibe has remained mellow while the Ivy and Hard Rock competed for the party spotlight. The poolside space at Solamar seems to be continually left in the shadows when praise is dispersed to the many rooftops along the downtown skyline, according to DiscoverSD.com.

But Solamar has got something special—one of the biggest and most comfortable rooftop lounges in San Diego, that is sure to please any party-goer tired of the same-old same-old. The JBar, has been there quite awhile, but the nocturnal crowd at Solamar has consisted of hotel guests and locals in-the-know looking for all the rooftop perks without the fuss. Such was the local reputation of JBar – the old rooftop lounge.

But the JBar is getting freshened up and getting a new atmosphere. Hotel Solamar will unveil the new place to be—LoungeSIX. The launch doesn’t bring an aesthetic transformation, but the new LOUNGEsix name does represent a change at the Hotel Solamar – particularly a new atmosphere on the Solamar Terrace.

Go and check it out, and check out DiscoverSD.com for a sneak peak of what's new.

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