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New Year, New SoundDiego TV

With the new year comes SoundDiego TV version 3.0!

Like many of you, the start of a new year has us making resolutions, setting big goals and rethinking habits -- and we'd like to announce that we're staying on track: SoundDiego TV is getting its second makeover.

On Saturday nights at 1 a.m., tune in to NBC7 right after "Saturday Night Live" to catch SoundDiego TV with all-new graphics and a brand new theme song to boot!

Our Jan. 27 show marked version 3.0 of our TV series (which, if you can believe it, premiered all the way back on March 3, 2012), and we think it's our best yet. Over the last six years, we've enjoyed tapping local acts for our theme song since we're all about San Diego music -- and, of course, we're continuing that tradition in 2018.

What started out originally with "Sing Out Loud" by Dynamite Walls and "Party" by the Hampton Beats, transformed three years ago into Shady Francos' "Lucy's Kickin' the Habit" -- and now we're pleased to present our new theme song: "DEF" by Bad Kids!

The surf-punk five-piece, based out of Imperial Beach, has been on a steady rise lately and it looks to continue: Not only did they win our theme song contest, Bad Kids opened our latest SoundDiego LIVE party at the Casbah, earned a Best Indie/Alternative Artist nomination at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards, and released a new EP called "Seeing Ghosts" just last week, too!

When we first heard "DEF," we were straight-up addicted -- and you'll understand why when it kicks off Saturday night's show. That's not to say it wasn't difficult to choose it, though! We received dozens of submissions, and it was a painstaking process of whittling down our prime candidates; there were so many great tracks from local acts. Many thanks to everyone who sent in a song!

We'd also like to say thanks to Joshua Kmak for letting us use "Lucy's Kickin' the Habit" as our previous theme song -- we still love it, and we're stoked on his new project Creepseed (check it out here).

But we're embracing change and the new year's coming along quite nicely. We think you'll agree when you tune in to NBC7 right this Saturday night and witness the new sights and sounds of SoundDiego TV for yourself! Cheers!

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