What GOP Primaries and Chocolate Samplers Have in Common

Navigating the GOP presidential field is a lot like navigating a box of chocolates, said the "Daily Show" host

Santorum-sweater vest

While Americans were still waiting on results from a super-close Iowa caucus Tuesday night, Jon Stewart had a little fun — and a little post-holiday chocolate — at the expense of the GOP field.

Returning with "The Daily Show" after a break for the holidays, Stewart addressed the recent unexpected Rick Santorum surge in Iowa polls. (Later Tuesday night, that surge that yielded an incredibly close finish just eight votes behind apparent winner Mitt Romney.)

"Really? Republicans are gonna try every chocolate in the box?" asked Stewart, stunned by Santorum's prospects, as he pulled out a chocolate sampler.

"You tried the Bachmann over here. Too many nuts," he joked.

"You tried all of 'em — all of 'em except this one. This is the one you never tried, 'cause you know it sucks. This one? That's Santorum," he said.

"You end up with Romney, the least bad chocolate. And by the way, when you do ultimately end up with Romney, don't try to pretend this was the chocolate you wanted the whole time," he added.

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