Lyme Aid for a Sister

Comedian stands up to raise money for his disease-stricken sister

    Natalie London is described as a musician who has it all--sings, writes plays instruments and composes, but it appears that a bug bite is literally holding her down. London contracted Lyme's disease when she was bit by a tick in her final semester at Columbia University. The expensive medical bills for her treament are piling up. Now her brother, comedian Stephen Glickman is holding a benefit performance at the La Jolla Comedy Store Tuesday at 8 p.m. to give his sister some, "Lyme-Aid", which is what he dubbed the show.

       London said in an interview, that the treatment is really harsh. That it gets "worse before you get better. I'm on about 40 pills per day of antiobiotics and and supplements and stuff like that."

      The performance bill also includes Nader, Jeff Richards, Ian Edwards And TJ Miller. Donations are accepted.      For more information click on : Comedy Store.

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