Local Business Owner's Family Safe in India

Restaurant Owner's Nephew Works at Hotel Under Attack

India's major news networks are constantly on in Sam Kambo's Rancho Bernardo home.

The tragedy unfolding in India's financial capital hits home for the owner of Royal India in downtown San Diego.

Kambo went to school in Mumbai.  He has family in the city now under siege. In fact, his nephew is an intern at the Oberoi hotel, one of the luxury hotels now taken over by terrorists.

"Next time I go there and I see Taj,  there will be tears in my eyes. If  there's natural destruction you understand, man made destruction, it's not acceptable," Kambo said sadly.

Kambo says terror attacks happen about every six months in India.  He believes this one will devastate the country's economy.

"This is the worst terrorist attack on India . And what i think is that many people are gonna be scared, although they wanna do business with India, they're going to be scared to go to India," Kambo explained.

Kambo says men in India support the family. If the man of the household dies, the entire family collapses. He fears the number of dead is far higher than what's been reported.

"Any human life that is lost, it's not one life lost, there is a lot more connected to that we do don't even see," Kambo said.

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