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Local Players

3rd Borough, a San Diego based group, formed as friends hangin' in OB, whose sound embodies true eclecticism.  Awesome variation in sound, style and lyrics from track to track creates refreshingly unique footprint on the music world. They churn indie-folk rock, electro- acoustic blend, live band, funk and hip-hop, vocally and musically.  Originated and fronted by Apaulo 8 and Justin Werner, the two soon brought on Mark Boyce, from G Love and Special Sauce, Mark's entrance paved the way for other talented and experienced musicians that have helped delelop the sound you are bound to enjoy on their new album.  3rd Borough's message is positive, peaceful and rings with social commentary, but not in a preacher-style.  This band of friends draws their individual talents to the collective group while remaining involved in other musical endeavors, helping to breed their differences.  Which is ultimately the key to 3rd Borough’s ranging style.

The Show

This event, presented by Anthology & Revolt In Style Magazine , will be everything but ordinary.  Local San Diego surf reggae favorite’s Diego Roots will perform, as well as special guests from San Francisco Souleye and DC of BLVD (Listen Locally alum).  There are also some guest stars being kept under wraps, if you are already sold on the main event then that will be the cherry on top.  Spinkles too? OK then ogle bikini clad babes for the Soc Cal Rocks the Runway 2009 Swimsuit Fashion Show.

3rd Borough’s grooves attract impressive collaborators from varied genres.  Their new album will feature tracks with renowned names like G Love and Special Sauce, Killah Priest (Wu Tang) and Slightly Stoopid.  This collection of talent alone speaks volumes on what’s hot about 3rd Borough.

3rd Borough’s group forte includes being environmentally active, very spiritually aware and involved in the community.   A quote from the group:

 “The fabric of virtue that is ingrained in humanity is the driving force behind this project; in the nature of people is the need to benefit and make progress in their area of the world.”

Love that, hollywood shmollywood…

 Anthology May 29, 1377 India St in Little Italy

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