Kim Kardashian Won't Kiss and Tell

It isn't unusual to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian at the mall these days -- in the form of a life-sized cardboard cut-out, that is, posing in a pair of Skechers. Until recently, the reality megastar's image could also be spotted at Bebe in looks from her capsule collection, and she'll soon return to the mass-market fashion scene in a new partnership with Sears.

Late last month, however, Kardashian appeared live and in (surprisingly petite) person at Nordstrom Galleria Dallas. Visiting on behalf of cosmetics company FusionBeauty, she created quite a screaming teen frenzy.

Here, in a private chat with The Feast before braving the crowd, we learn about her Armenian travel wish, her sweet tooth's biggest craving, and more.


Sin City is The Feast's signature interview series, wherein we get to know the city's characters in a biblical sense, by asking them seven very serious questions.

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