Keep Your Jet, Cojones

New Cessna ad proclaims “One thing is certain: true visionaries will continue to fly.”

In San Diego, you can throw a stone and practically hit someone who owns a plane. Private jets fly in and out of McClellan-Palomar and Gillespie Field every day for local executives and business owners. So much so, one of those airports recently upgraded to handle the traffic, according to San Diego Magazine.

That lifestyle came under fire when the Big Three Automakers were tasked for flying private jets to ask for public bailout money last fall.

One aircraft company is firing back at what it calls “aircraft misinformation.”

Cessna announced a new ad campaign Wednesday that encourages companies to “keep flying business aircraft to demonstrate leadership in the face of economic challenge.”

Or as explained “Only Wimps Give Up Their Jets.”

"Pity the poor executive who blinks," and gets rid of the company jet, the website reports. "One thing is certain: true visionaries will continue to fly."

Check out the ad campaign.

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