I'm a Celebrity But They're the Heroes

MCAS Miramar hosts "Military Appreciation Day"

Actress Monique Coleman of "High School Musical" and World Extreme Cage fighter "Notorious" Rick Slaton are about as different as two people can get.

One is wearing lipstick and big hoop earrings; the other has his shaved head covered in tattoos. But they had the exact same message Thursday at MCAS Miramar: Thank you.

"I'm supposedly a celebrity," said Coleman. "But these guys are the real heroes."

The two celebrities are part of the 8th annual Military Appreciation Day held on the base.

"They give me a chance to live my dream," said Slaton.

There are more than 25 booths set up, giving away freebies from food to Padres tickets. The event is open to active duty military attached to the base.

"I'm proud that the community appreciates what I'm doing and what the base is doing," said Cpl. Vivian Sussman.

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