How to Take Your Best Pregnant Belly Pic

It's one of those images that you can't get a "do-over." The glowing mother, holding her belly and her unborn child. It's one of the few birth photos that everyone wants to see. So how can you capture the best shot? offers up it's 5 Secrets to Beautiful Pregnant Belly Photos -- everything from where to pose to picking a photographer.

Here are poses the magazine suggests you try:

  • Close up on the belly
  • You lying on your back on a couch.
  • Older sibling kissing the belly
  • You holding older sibling (so they're sitting on the belly facing you)
  • Sitting Indian style, facing the camera
  • Working the S curve -- one hip out, one shoulder high, one shoulder low, hands relaxed.
  • Profile shot
  • Any yoga poses you know and can get into
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