Grown Here, Cooked Here

Homegrown food at its finest

Fresh local food at its finest – in America’s finest city, nonetheless.

Since opening last summer in Point Loma’s Liberty Station, Tender Greens restaurant has kept its tradition of keeping it local. So fresh and local that their cooks even pick their vegetables for the day’s specials menu that same morning from a small producer just a few blocks away.

A local himself, producer Paul Reeb grows his salad greens, herbs and tomatoes only for Tender Greens. That means he is able to custom grow requests for the restaurant that can’t be found anyplace else. Not even at other Tender Greens restaurants.

The restaurant gets the rest of its proteins and produce from local growers, the beer from local San Diego brewers, and the breads from a Point Loma bakery.
Even Tender Greens chefs Pete Balistreri and Rian Brandenburg are home-grown – they grew up in San Diego.
But what separates this place from other restaurants more than just the local ingredients? The owners are also the chefs, so food quality is never sacrificed. We got invited for a taste.
The menu is different at each Tender Greens location making this spot especially unique.
The selection of wine grapes and tomatoes were hand-picked that very morning, and it’s true what they say. Seasonal, locally-grown food simply tastes better – like melts in your mouth, reach across the table and stuff all the ripe grapes, vines and seeds in your mouth better.
The ingredients in the salad of heirloom tomatoes, shaved fennel, baby lettuces and basil oil screamed clean, fresh simplicity at its best.
For the main lamb leg and chop course, Exec Chef Pete Balistreri butchered the meat himself, while Pastry Mom Susanna Brandenburg served a root beer float made with her own vanilla bean ice cream. 
Homegrown, homemade, what more can a local ask for?
Check out Tender Greens at the Liberty Station location on 2400 Historic Decatur Road.
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