Have You Seen This Bird?

We want to start this story by stating we do not publish articles about missing pets every day. So if your beagle is bygone or your Daschund has disappeared, don’t inundate us with e-mails.

We happened on this story of a missing pet and it caught our eye because, you see, Kali was once a celebrity on local television.

Shannon Bateman left for work Monday morning – yes, it happened on a Monday of all days – and someone had burglarized her home at Legacy Apartments while she was gone. As she checked her belongings she immediately noticed a three digital cameras were missing as well as her pet of 9 years, her lovable Umbrella Cockatoo,  Kali.

Of course, Shannon is heartbroken. "Cockatoos take about 6 months of hand feeding before they actually wean on their own," she said. "I don't have any human children so she's definitely the child for me right now."

She is concerned that someone simply took Kali in the hopes of selling her. “I have no idea how she’s being cared for and it is absolutely devastating,” she said.

Shannon turned to NBCSanDiego.com because Kali had once been featured on NBC 7/39 News in the Morning during a Halloween pet segment. That’s her wearing the “Trick or Treat” shirt.

Shannon's offering $1,000 reward for information. She has filed a police report and urges anyone with information about Kali to call San Diego Police..

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