Have a Ball Saving the Fire Pits

Fire rings cost $173,000 per year to maintain

The folks at VAVi are teaming up with the city to keep the home fires burning.

"The fire pits are a staple of our beaches, lending residents and tourists a free place to gather for warmth, cookouts and laughter," reads a VAVi Sports and Social Club request for help. "But they are also costly to clean and maintain. The city needs to raise $173,000 by December 2010 to keep the program running and VAVi is asking our members to help."

Didn't this just happen? you're asking yourself. Yes, an anonymous donor came forward last December and made an 11th hour $260,000 pledge that kept us in s'mores ever since, but that money will run out in December of next year, so VAVi has started passing the hat now in case his or her pockets aren't so deep next time.

You can head on over to the city Web site to help out or buy a volleyball from VAVi for $10 -- 100 percent of the purchase price will go toward VAVI's fire pit fund.

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