Good Day for a Movie

Cloudy, cool and for some, even wet conditions expected


A lot of new movies have opened over the past couple of weeks, and, with Saturday's weather being anything but "beachy" it might be a good time to catch up on what's playing on the local cinema.

At best, we're expecting cloudy, cool weather Saturday and Sunday with highs mostly in the 60s.  At worst, of, maybe we should say, at "wettest" it could be - well, yeah, a bit wet, at least for some.

We saw light sprinkles and drizzle around the county Saturday morning and there's the chance a few heavier showers could develop.  There is even the outside chance we could get a wayward thunderstorm in the mountains or deserts during the afternoon.

Rainfall amounts overall are expected to be quite light or, for some, non-existent.

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