Freshen up Your Wardrobe for 2010

Celebrity stylist dishes on the up and coming trends and designers

Posterity Productions

When First Lady Michelle Obama first stepped onto the inaugural ballroom floor in a gown created by up-and-coming designer Jason Wu, the rave reviews started pouring out.  You could say she started a trend when she turned the spotlight on a little-known designer.

Celebrity stylist Sam Russell said young designers like Wu are giving 2010 some fresh ideas for the year. 

Kathy Wilson is one of them, according to Russell. Wilson, who was born in Paris to Vietnamese immigrants, worked at celebrity design house Richard Tyler. She dressed Stevie Wonder for the White House Correspondents' Dinner in May 2009 and started her own line, Kathy Wilson Atelier, in January. From sexy to provocative, stylish and tailored, Russell said Wu is one to follow.

Another hip discovery is Tsubo shoes for men and women, Russell said. Tsubo describes itself as a design-driven company that fuses metropolitan style with ergonomic design. Prices can range from $90 to $200.

Jeans are a fashion trend that keeps evolving. Current Elliott Denim is a line to watch and wear, Russell said. From the zipper edge biker jacket to the tulip dress, it's a fashion-forward denim line that is a 2010 discovery to watch and buy, Russell said.

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