Wes Welker Talks About Ryan Clark, Football, Getting Hit

Adam Gretz

by Adam Gretz

Earlier today, Ryan Wilsonpointed out that NFL head of officiating, Mike Pereira, did the unthinkable and came to the defense of a safety for knocking the proverbial snot out of a receiver. Shocking, I know. Right after I read about it I looked out my window and saw two pigs flying across the sky, as it rained skittles on the blue grass.

I'll be honest, when I saw Ryan Clark run through Wes Welker on Sunday, I figured the flag was the right call, mainly because I didn't know the exact rule on leveling a defenseless receiver. I was also trying to make a guess as to how big the fine would be, because it seemed like an inevitability that Clark would be receiving "the envelope" on Friday morning. Of course, Pereira set the record straight, and confirmed that it was indeed a legal play.

Following the game, Clark made mention that he attempted to track down Welker to assure him that he wasn't trying to play dirty. Today, Welker spoke for the first time since the game, and said that, as of now, Clark has not been in touch with him, nor does Welker expect him to because, well, it's football. From Patriots beat writer Mike Reiss' blog at the Boston Globe:

No. I mean, I don't really expect him to. It's a football play. It is what it is. No sense in crying or whining about it. You just have to keep on moving on and get ready for the next week.

Take note, Terrell Suggs, that's how you react to getting hit in a football game.

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