Jerry Jones May Have Hand-Picked the Ravens For the Home Finale

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by Sportz Assassin

Back in April, I said the NFL blew it by not scheduling the Redskins as the final regular season opponent in Texas Stadium. After all, the Cowboys came in to close out the Redskins' RFK Stadium and several of the best moments there involved the longtime rivals.

The schedule had the Baltimore Ravens as the opponent even though they had never played a game in that stadium until last night. There are rumors that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones pulled some strings to have the Ravens as the cupcake to their homecoming game.

It's too bad the Cowboys couldn't figure things out in the final game at Texas Stadium -- especially since Jones apparently petitioned the league for the Cowboys to play the Ravens because it once looked like a winnable game. Jones sort of confirmed that theory to me after the game, but I couldn't tell whether he was joking. It didn't matter to the Ravens.

If that is true, that is sad on so many levels. I mean, would the NFL actually schedule a perceived weak opponent for a team's final game at their stadium just so they can go out on a positive note? And why would the proud owner of America's Team need to line up a cupcake? Shouldn't a team that was the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl be able to take on all comers?

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