Meet Jay Nash

Jay Nash arrives in San Diego on Saturday, but before he hits the stage, I got a chance to talk with the folk rock-meets-alternative singer/songwriter and ask him a few questions, and I've got to say I was a fan before I spoke with him.

HH: Are you excited to come to San Diego?
JN: I am indeed, it's been about two months. I'm excited with the whole idea of this being a big festival show.

HH: So, how did you get involved in the Elemental Experience festival?
JN: Well, I play every kind of show possible that there is to play, from big theaters to small cafes. But anytime you can associate music and a cause together I think it's a great thing. I was really excited when I found that this was an event with a purpose.

HH: What were your influences for your latest album, "The Things You Think You Need"?
JN: I grew up listening to a lot of Jackson Brown, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, etc., and I wanted to make a record that was like the records I grew up with. I wanted a contemporary rock vibe with a raw, timeless sound to it.

HH: Fans and critics have described your music as down-to-earth, intelligent, grounded and sentimental--How would you describe your sound?
JN: Hopefully people feel that it's good music that inspires them. Hopefully they hear stories that they can relate to and it makes life on this planet a little easier for them.

HH: What's up next for you?
JN: I'm going to be driving up the coast with my dad to play a couple shows in San Luis Obispo and celebrate my dad's birthday up there. I'm also going to be recording and playing a couple of other gigs around California. I've been writing a lot lately and there might be a chance of putting out a record before I tour again in the summer, but no promises. 

Hear more from Jay Nash on his MySpace page.

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