City's Youngest Police Officer Dies

Boy dies after year-long battle with brain cancer

A local 8-year-old boy who was sworn in as a San Diego police officer earlier this year lost his battle with cancer on Monday night.

Spring Valley resident Ryan Herdman had the title of being the youngest San Diego police officer after he was sworn in on May 15. It was his dream to be part of the police department.

Herdman died at Children’s Hospital, said San Diego police spokeswoman Monica Munoz.

"What a sad story -- but he had a great time that day, and we will remember it fondly ... and we'll pray for his little soul," Munoz said. "He really touched our hearts in a huge way."

The young boy raised his right hand during the swearing-in ceremony and accepted the responsibility with a nod. There were cheers and applause when the ceremony, held at San Diego’s police headquarters downtown, concluded.

Ryan father, Richard, pinned a personalized badge on his son after a tough eight months for the Herdmans, whose son went through weeks of radiation and chemotherapy battling a brain tumor.

Lansdowne said the SDPD was proud to be a part of fulfilling the boy's dream.

"This is some tough times for a lot of people, but some people are dealing with even more difficult problems, and if we can make one young man's wish complete, it's our intent to do that today," Lansdowne said.

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