City 1, Seals 0

Legislation giving the City of San Diego final say about the seals at the La Jolla Children's Pool passed the Assembly Thursday by a vote of 71-0, according to democrat Sen. Christine Kehoe.

"If this bill is signed into law it will return local control to the City of San Diego and with it the right to decide what uses are permissible at the Children's Pool," Kehoe said.

The legislation would amend the Children's Pool trust so that it may be used as a marine sanctuary. The San Diego City Council would ultimately decide whether to allow seals on the Children's Pool beach.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith has said the bill would end costly lawsuits over the harbor seals. For years, animal rights activists and residents have argued over whether the city is required to preserve the beach for children.

Animal-rights activists have repeatedly challenged a court order to restore the beach and remove a rope that protects the seals.

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