Chargers Take the Long Ride

Over the past several years, more than a few NFL players -- including some on the Chargers -- have had DUI issues.
"Get a limo, get a cab, whatever service you need to get you home safe," Bolts running back Michael Bennett said.

Between those two options, most folks would choose the limo. It certainly beats making headlines for a DUI arrest.

"Drinking and driving is a big issue in all areas, and we all need to help out," said Premier Limousine's CEO, Steve DiMarco.

That's where Premier Limousine comes in.

"Well, I started serving the San Diego Charges a couple years ago, said Hasab Korkmaz, Premier Limousine's president.

Premier is now the preferred limousine company of the Chargers. Running back Michael Bennett understands the league has a problem, and he's one of many players trying to fix it.

"Over the last couple years, a lot of guys have gotten in trouble by basically making the wrong decisions," Bennett said. "I mean, what's 50 dollars out of your pocket? I mean, if you had went into a bar and spent over $4,000 or $5,000 in some guys' cases on drinks, what's 50 dollars to get you home safe?"

A great investment -- that's what it is, not to mention that it's a limo, for crying out loud.

Apparently, you don't have to be in the NFL to ride in one.

"We have a special thing: If someone is drinking and driving in the San Diego area, we'll be more than happy to go pick them up for no charge," said tk.

Who knows? When they pick you up, you might be sitting next to a Pro Bowler.

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