Chargers Season Tickets Have Arrived

The 50th Anniversary Season is almost here. The Bolts look ready to make their run on the AFC West Championship, and the Super Bowl. 

It’s a very exciting time in Chargers history with a talented team poised to make the competition wish they were on their bye-week.

The Pre-Season starts on August 15, with the Seahawks flying into town for their match-up, and the 49ers on September 4. The Regular season starts on September 14 in Oakland, and the team will return to the Q on September 20 to play the Ravens.

They play the Ravens, Dolphins, Broncos (Monday Night Football- 50th Anniversary Legends Game- AFL rivals match-up for the first time since the Bolts spanked them 52-21 to clench the AFC West last season), Raiders, Eagles, Chiefs, Bengals (Chad- remember Merriman is waiting for you -- watch your Twitters Tweet), and will finish the regular season January 3 against the Redskins. 

The team is hungry for the big prize and with players like LT, Rivers, Sproles, Chambers, Jackson, Gates, Tolbert, McNiel, Dielman, Hardwick, Forney, and Clary on the offensive side of the ball; and players like Merriman, Williams, Castillo, Phillips, Cooper, Burnett, Jammer, Hart, Weddle, and Cro on the defensive side of the ball; not to mention a very good special teams squad with Kaeding, Scifres, Binn, Sproles, and Osgood, the chances are good they will achieve their goals. It will be nice to have depth in each position to keep the team healthy throughout the season, and post-season with players like Floyd, Hester, Manumaleuna, Cesaire, English, Tucker, Gordon, and Cason making plays as well. Perhaps we will learn of new players who will make an impact as the season progresses.

If the team stays healthy, and everything falls into place, we could be welcoming home a Championship team on February 8.

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