Change a Child's Life

“What if one morning of your life could help change a child’s life forever?”

That’s the question posed by the folks behind the fundraiser “Walk for Kids,” benefiting the San Diego Center for Children.  The center has been around for 120 years, and provides mental health services to children facing behavioral, emotional, social and educational challenges.

The 5k walk is Saturday March 21st at De Anza Cove in Mission Bay, and will benefit the many programs at the Center for Children. One of the most successful programs encourages children to express themselves through music.

"It's a therapeutic tool to help kids be able to express themselves, to get rid of their anger, their fear and do it in a real safe environment," said the center’s music director Sundiata Kata.

Students rave about “Soon” and how his guidance through music has changed their lives.

"He opens his doors and his heart to you and it's a good thing, it's a good thing for everybody," said former music student Vivi Cortez, who still comes back to participate in the program she says kept her out of trouble.

"I just like to have something that will help me with my anger.  Drumming is a form of helping with my anger," said student Jacob Tieken.

"It gets me through a lot of angering situations or when I'm really upset, like for instance this year I lost my grandmother on Christmas Eve and I was able to come here and talk to soon and just be able to let it out, sing and play drums whatever I needed to do to have a better understanding of why death happens," says student Nina Cefalu.

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