Buy Local, Please!

Armed with a logo of a shopping cart with a giant letter "E," the city of Encinitas is investing thousands to persuade people to "buy local" according to a published report.

The Encinitas City Council agreed Wednesday to spend $10,000 on a "buy local" campaign. 

The city depends upon sales tax revenue to fund its day-to-day operations. Sales tax is the city's second-biggest source of revenue, the city manager told the North County Times.

Every time someone buys a book or baby toy in town, Encinitas gets a share of the 7.75-percent sales tax that's charged. If local folks cross the line into Carlsbad or Solana Beach, then those cities get that tax revenue.

Loss of sales tax revenue is a key concern of many cities across the nation this winter. You can read more about the campaign in the North County Times online.

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