Bloodhounds Sniff Out Missing Dog

Happy ending caught on tape

The bloodhounds from Animal Planet's Lost Pet Detection were able to make short work of locating a missing dog, who has now been found.

Annalisa Berns of Lost Pet Detection began her investigation in San Diego on Thursday to locate Lexy, a 3-year-old Shih Tzu who was missing since Saturday.

Lexy's owners, Linda Goodman and Tamara Ames, live on 56th Street, where Berns and the bloodhounds started their search at at 9 a.m. Goodman and Ames had exhausted the usual pet-finding methods -- including posting fliers, setting up a lost-pet hotline, an Internet listing, and visiting vet offices and pet shelters -- prompting their contacting Berns.

Lexy and her twin sister, Zoey, were accidentally let out when a real estate agent left a gate open. Before Berns found Lexy, Zoey wasn't doing well, and now Ames and Goodman were concerned they may lose both dogs.

"They haven't ever been separated ... ever," Ames said.

Lost Pet Detection has found 17 out of 19 lost pets since September, according to Lexy's owners.

The bloodhound's handler said she spotted the Lexy after the canines picked up Lexy's scent and tracked her direction through the neighborhood, eventually locating her in a nearby canyon.

Lexy's owners said finding their dog will be worth the service, which costs thousands of dollars.  

"This puppy is my best friend -- one of my best friends," Goodman said.

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