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Blink-182 Cancel Shows for Travis Barker’s Health

On Thursday night, Blink-182 announced that drummer Travis Barker is suffering from blood clots

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Bad news, Blink fans -- in an Instagram post last night, San Diego pop-punk kings Blink-182 announced that drummer Travis Barker is suffering from blood clots in both arms. As a result, the band has had to cancel their Kings of the Weekend Las Vegas residency dates.

It's unclear how serious Barker's medical condition is, but according to the post, "The situation is currently being closely monitored."

Blood clots -- when red blood cells and platelets coagulate and obstruct blood flow in a blood vessel -- can form for any number of reasons and can lead to life-threatening conditions if not treated carefully. While Barker's doctors are keeping an eye on it, but they have yet to clear the drummer for performance.

"'Drumming is my life and it kills me that I can't perform for you guys this weekend. I hope to be back as soon as I can.' — Travis Barker," the post reads.

Refunds for the Vegas shows will, of course, be doled out, but there's no telling when Barker will be healthy enough to continue playing Blink concerts like he used to.

The last time the hometown trio (minus Tom DeLonge, plus Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba) played San Diego was in 2016, and the sooner Barker is healthy and back in the saddle, the sooner we'll get the band back around our parts.

For now, we wish you a speedy recovery, Travis!

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