Birds Gone Wild, it's a Hoot!

San Diego Bird Festival 2009 is a phenomenon

Who knew the San Diego Bird Festival would be so popular.  It has already has over 123,000 hits on Google.

Bird watchers are flocking to the four-day event that starts March 5 in Mission Bay. From owls, to woodpeckers, to condors and bats, there are workshops and field trips that will net more than 100 observed species, according the Audobon Society.

The keynote speaker is David Allen Sibley, who's a superstar in the world of bird watching. He's known to set the standard for bird watching in North America with his book "The Sibley Guide to Birds."

It's in his blood, it seems, having been born to a Yale ornithologist. Sibley began what's called 'birding." which is the watching and observing of wild birds in their natural habitat, when he was a child.

You could call Sharon Stiteler the “bird whisperer,” she’s already nicknamed the "Birdchick".  Stiteler will be blogging from the Festival and will talk about her story "The Woman Who Could Talk to Birds" and about her time managing a wild bird store for 8 years.

For more information on the 2009 San Diego Bird Festival  at the Marina Village Conference Center in Mission Bay click on : San Diego Audobon Society.

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