Big Swell Rakes SoCal Shores

From Trestles to Oceanside Harbor to Ponto, the waves were huge

Surfers and big-wave fans had plenty to be stoked about this weekend.

A large South Pacific south swell arrived Friday, and some surfers up in Oceanside said it was double-overhead. The waves had died down a bit by Saturday, but there were still 6-8 foot sets in the afternoon up at Trestles in San Onofre State Beach.

Tye Donnelly, who makes long boards and travels around the region taping surfers and skateboarders traveling at high speeds, shot some video on Saturday at Trestles and in Carlsbad. The big waves are well overhead and some of the waves are definitely "slabbish" -- that's "barrel-like" to us landlubbers.

"If you know these breaks, good for you," writes Donnelly. "If you don't, then you're not supposed to."

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