Best Food Secret in San Diego

Yelpers may have unearthed the hidden center of San Diego's food universe, and its somewhere in Normal Heights ... we think.

The top-rated Churros el Tigre has 19 reviews so far, and it's averaging five stars.

"I am gonna be 300 pounds by Memorial Day, but I don't care," writes Ruggy J. in his Yelp posting. "After months and months of reading about the magic that is Churros El Tigre, I finally got my gringo ass to City Heights. I can almost feel my heart beginning to fail on me."

For most of it's life, Churros el Tigre was located in the the 3550 block of University Avenue between 36th Street and Wilson Avenue, but Mireya P. said "the churro guy was thrown under the bus by a neighbor, bad people who were jealous of this cart for being so successful." Mireya said a guy from Tito's body shop in the neighborhood "thinks he is on the same street outside the market across the street from the Salvadorian place where they sell tamales."

It seems like the cart comes and goes, so joing the other Yelpers cruising the block (from 6-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday), hungry for the return of Churros el Tigre.

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