Awwww! Cute New Zoo Arrivals

Just in time for the arrival of spring this week, the San Diego Zoo is welcoming several new babies.  Two young Sun Bear cubs just went on exhibit and can be seen playing with their mom.

"Springtime at the zoo is always exciting some of the births are planned, we expect them and other births you come in in the morning and it's exciting for the keepers," said Michele Stancer, an animal care manager.

Two baby takins (a large, muscular hoofed mammal closely related to the musk ox)  and three peccary (a piglike animal) babies are also among the zoo's newest residents.

Another new arrival many zoo visitors might miss: a 3-week-old baby giant anteater.  The baby constantly rides around on mom’s back and easily blends into her coat.

"That's what anteaters want.  The kid's stripes blend in with its mom when its on its back and so it's perfectly camoflauged and of course that helps protect from predators in the wild," explains senior keeper Scott Morford.

But a baby gray shanked langur stands out in its zoo exhibit because of its bright orange coat.

"That group of animals, actually, they share in the handling of the baby.  So when the baby's born, it's orange and all the other troop members can say oh there's something new we can all help out," Stancer said.

In just a few months, the langur’s coat will start to gray.  Baby zoo animals grow up fast, but zookeepers say, there are plenty more to come throughout the season.

"There will be more to come, more babies will be coming," Stancer said.

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