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Santa Ana expected to give way to possibly potent storm

For the fifth time this fall, San Diego residents are being warned about the weather. 

Yet another Santa Ana condition is upon us, drying things out and heating things up.  The good news is that it won't be a major event in the wind department.  In fact, there hasn't even been a wind advisory issued by the National Weather Service as gusts are expected to remain below 30 mph.  The rest of the symptoms of a Santa Ana however, do exist, at least somewhat.

Temperatures will be the most noticeable thing about your weather Friday and Saturday as highs in the East County soar into the upper 80s or even low 90s.  It will also be drier than normal, but humidity levels are not expected to fall into the "critical" category of 20% or less, at least not across the board. 

As with most Santa Ana events, there is still an elevated danger of wildfires but no red flag warning is anticipated.

Something that is not typical with a Santa Ana is the layer of high clouds that moved in on Thursday.  They are subtropical clouds being pushed north by the southern jet stream.  The clouds are packed with moisture but nothing is in place to "trigger" any rain; not yet anyway. 

That's expected to change by next Wednesday as the northern jet stream dives south bringing with it a fairly cold and potent storm system that is expected to hit Seattle later tonight.  As the storm approaches, we'll see cooler, cloudier weather around the county beginning Monday and then, as the two jet streams move closer together, things could really get interesting.

By Wednesday,  the low from the north is expected to be in position to be able to tap into the moisture from the south and when that happens, we'll have a good chance of rain, maybe significant amounts of it.  If the storm moves faster than normal we could see light rain as early as Tuesday night.  However, there's a better chance it will run a bit behind schedule which means a wet Thanksgiving Day.

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