A Bright Future

San Diego Zoo

After a rough start, an unnamed African elephant calf is relieved to be wrestling in the mud with fellow calves at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park, according to Zoo officials.

The calf was healthy and nursing after being born on May 12, until a medical condition with his mother caused him to lose weight rather than gain it. Mother, Umoya, is now recovering, which means the 229 lb.calf is too.

He is the third calf to be born at the Park this year, including two other male calves born in February and April. There are now a total of eight youngsters in the 16-member African elephant herd, ranging from three weeks to six years old. Several of them were seen playing in the waterhole on Thursday.

In honor of the success of their elephant herd, the Park is highlighting elephants during the African Summer Festival, from June 19 through September 6. Stop by the exhibit at 11 a.m. daily to see the elephants roam the three-acre habitat.

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