'90s-Era #FlashbackFridays: Kimpton Cool

A retro stay is on at Hotel Solamar, Hotel Palomar San Diego, and The Goodland.

#FLASHBACKFRIDAY... and social media do that whole pea-in-a-pod thing each and every week, but let's get to the heart of it: Some of us live in a constant state of Flashback Friday-ing, from what's on our playlists (and even how we play them, thanks to the cassette players and hi-fis we love) to how we dress (hello, babydoll frocks and zipper-bottomed jeans). Call it a state of mind, or an approach to living, or some zazzy combo of the two, but know this: #Flashback Friday revelers don't wait for a single day of the week to show their times-gone-by devotions. And if the decade just before this century was your particular jam, and you have a sweet spot for the '90s, and you've been looking for an overnight in San Diego or Santa Barbara, find your favorite wine-hued lipstick or denim vest: The 1990s are back, courtesy of a new package at Kimpton Hotels.

YOU'LL NEED TO STAY ON A FRIDAY, or at least make a Friday part of your visit, when you book at Hotel Solamar, Hotel Palomar San Diego, or The Goodland in Santa Barbara. What's the savings part of the deal? You'll snag 15% "off the best rate." Where do the '90s waltz into the proceedings? Courtesy of the classic candy you'll be handed at check-in, sweets and treats that may take you back to a time when you snacked before watching your favorite family-funny sitcom or riding your bike. An "exclusive, specially curated" Spotify playlist filled with favorites of the day will send you into a '90s-flavored daydream, while guests at The Goodland will be able to watch a '90s-iconic flick on Fridays (yep, "Clueless" is one of the picks). Do you still have your chunky platforms, your velvet choker, your Empire-waist sundress? Don 'em and book a stay now, which kicks off at $259. Will your #FlashbackFriday game be upped post-check-out? There's always room to retro one's retro-lovin' life even further, especially when a great decade is the reason.

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