9 Lives, 1 Dumb Excuse

A man removed the screen of a window and tried to slip inside a Vista home unnoticed Tuesday, but when he was confronted by law enforcement and accused of trying to burglarize the home, he came up with one of the lamest excuses we’ve heard in a long time.

The man told deputies he was on the roof looking for his missing cat.

In his search, he had just happened to open a window accessible only from the roof. Maybe kitty slipped through the window and fell inside? We don't think so.

The woman who lived in the home on Primrose Avenue had just parked her car out front when she noticed the man on top of the house. She called 911 while she was still stitting in her parked car.

Deputies surrounded the home and found the would-be burglar hiding behind a shed in the backyard. That's when he told them the "real reason" he was on the woman's property.

Deputies haven’t released his name. That's probably best.

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