8/28: Party with the ‘Best Of' San Diego

BEST OF SAN DIEGO: Party with the best of San Diego, as locals celebrate San Diego Magazine's "Best of 2009". Enjoy complimentary food, wine and beer tastings from many of SD's fine restaurants. There will also be live music from some of San Diego's most popular artists, runway shows, 'Best of San Diego' winner booths and much more! Get your tickets online at Best of San Diego.

STREET SCENE: Head over to the East Village for the San Diego music event! Street Scene is back for it's 25th year and although the Beastie Boys won't be there, there's plenty more entertainment to go around. There's the Black Eyed Peas, and even a little Public Enemy aka Flaaavor Flaaaav! Whatever your taste, you'll find something worth dancing to. You can still purchase Street Scene tickets here.

GIVE THOSE WHO ARE WATCHING SOMETHING TO SEE: Looking for a liitle nightclub action? Look no further then Friday nights at Envy. This Friday night features three DJ's: DJ Shift, Este and Theron -- all for your listening pleasure. For more details or info about upcoming events, visit Envy San Diego.

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