$14 Flights!?!

Some things seem to good to be true. Remember those fat-free potato chips?

But sometimes, life can throw you a bone. While this economy has cost some people their life-savings, their homes, and/or their jobs, we can be encouraged to look on the bright side with steals-of-deals. While getting free food at Denny's was great and all, this deal takes the cake. Say hello to the $14 flight.

There are a few small catches, yes. You have to buy today, first of all (A couple of the offers are already sold out. San Francisco to NY is long gone, along with the flight back). Second of all, you can't go anywhere you want. $14 can get you from SF to Long Beach or Long Beach to SF.

Amazingly, the first checked bag is still free, along with 36 channels of DirecTV, 100 channels of XM Radio and unlimited snacks!

Hurry hurry hurry! Time and tickets are running out!

Click here for a direct link to JetBlue's fantastic deal!

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