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Find out if your home is wasting energy by visiting any San Diego area Dixieline location throughout the month of November and sign up for a free whole home energy audit. With a small investment of your time, you’ll learn about your home’s energy use and products and services available through Dixieline and MySun powered by JLM Energy.

Been thinking about solar? Homeowners that purchase MySun products through this program will be given $1,000 of their solar and storage products. In addition, Energy Upgrade California and Dixieline will provide an energy efficiency gift basket ($50 value) for everyone that completes a home audit!

Learn more tips on saving energy at and visit your nearest Dixieline store where you can speak with an expert about simple steps you can take to make your home or apartment more energy efficient.

Top Five Ways You Might be Wasting Energy at Home:

  1. Outdated HVAC Units: Heating and cooling your home can account for almost half of your overall electric bill. Find everything from smart thermostats to HVAC units at Dixieline.

  2. Old Appliances: Old appliances can be real energy suckers. Replace your old refrigerator, washer and/or dryer with a new certified ENERGY STAR® appliance.

  3. Incandescent Light Bulbs: Replace old incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs (available at Dixieline), which last up to five times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and save energy.

  4. Energy Vampires: Energy vampires are electronic devices or appliances that slowly draw power from electrical outlets, even when turned off. Use smart power strips to make those vampires vanish!

  5. Hot Water: Heating water requires a great deal of energy. Using cold water to wash clothes instead of hot water saves energy. Air drying will also save energy and help your clothes to last longer.
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