Mountain Mmm: Taste of Julian 2017

Take a "self-guided culinary tour" and get to know the vittles of the historical burg.

EVERY MOMENT IS PRECIOUS, of course, and every hour a gift, no matter the day or time of year or what happens to be on your particular plate. But, let's be honest: An April Saturday, while no more precious than any other day in any other month, just rocks some extra enchantment. It possesses panache, the sort of specialness that comes with a warm-of-weather weekend day near the start of springtime. If all goes well, the light breezes will be just strong enough to gently muss the hair, the sunshine will be soft, and you'll be outside, somewhere interesting, walking around and admiring interesting buildings and noshing on something you don't have back at home. This is all leading up to the true thing we're about to say: Taste of Julian, happening, as it will, on the second Saturday of April in 2017, is an event filled with major minutes of the early-April-ish, nosh-around-a-nice-town-ish sort. The kind of time that does feel precious, and memorable, and worth a toodle up the hill to the Gold Rush village. Yes, you'll likely...

WANT TO EAT PIE: Because how could you not? The apple delicacies will call to you, loudly and longingly, because, after, this is Julian. But a host of eateries will participate, with several going the savory, beyond-the-sugary-crust route. Past participants have included Miner's Diner, Volcan Mountain Winery, Granny's Kitchen, and Mr. Manitas Taco Bar & Fruteria, and, of course, several pie-worthy places, so count on variety. It's a "self-guided culinary tour," so you can move at your own pace, but then you know that, if you've been to Taste of Julian before (it'll mark its first decade in just a year). Want to alight upon your $25 advance ticket, what with the lure of spring and April and Julian and pie and edibles that aren't pie and then even more pie? You can, now, at the Taste of Julian online headquarters.

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