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    UNDER WHERE: Body shapers are nothing new, and neither are the unattractive reputations that precede them. From unsightly padding to merciless snaps and ties, they aren't the sort of thing you'd want to be caught wearing, intentionally or otherwise.

    Victoria's Secret is trying to battle the embarrassment of slim-wear with its Secret Confidently Curvy collection, featuring slips, bustiers, mini skirts and corsets that look stylish rather than suffocating. The seamed detailing gives it a structural, couture-like look in four pretty colors: almost nude, afterglow, shell pink and film noir.

    Ladies who don't plan to show off their goods will appreciate the Seamlessly Sexy version of the Secret line, which offers softer coverage and lighter control.

    GET IT: For $28-$68 each. Victoria's Secret, 7007 Friars Road, Fashion Valley Mall, (619) 291-0323.