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    Veteran globe-hopping beat-maestro DJ Vadim (Andrey Gurov) came to town on Sunday night to play the Kava Lounge -- and he didn't come alone.

    The Berlin-by-way-of-London-and-Leningrad producer has enlisted Chicago MC Pugs Atomz and UK vocalist Sabria Jade to form the Electric, a trio that just dropped its debut Life Is Moving. As it is with Vadim, The Electric draws from a multitude of styles, some even calling it a new kind of soul.

    "Well," Gurov said in a recent interview, "It’s very interesting how people from different scenes, cities and countries see our music. It's so subjective. We have been described as electro pop, electronica, hip-hop, reggae, dub step, and jazz -- so soul is cool, too!"

    Vadim is a notorious road warrior and has toured in more than 60 countries. Averaging nearly 200 shows annually, the hours of traveling typically produce a lot of ideas, but this is the first time it has produced a full band.

    "It's not that I'm scouting," Vadim said, "but I suppose my job puts me in situations where I meet incredibly talented people, or, perhaps, creative people subconsciously magnetize together in certain locations. Being on tour is a great place for that. I've worked with so many people because of this."

    The newly formed trio will be on tour for "quite a while," making stops in Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, New Zealand, Argentina and multiple European locations once the current U.S. run comes to a close. While nothing is set beyond this tour, Vadim hopes the group will continue making music together.

    "Everything I do is a continuation of something that came before," Vadim said. "I think evolution is important for any sort of creativity. We're just making music we love."  

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