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Sounds Like San Diego: March 8, 2011



    I know that a diligent blogger would be writing about Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp tonight, but the thing about it is that you either love that sort of thing or you hate it. I'm not gonna change any minds here, and if you're set out to party, all I can say is have a great time. Just please don't trample me as I try to take pictures of the Crystal Method (read Scott McDonald's interview).

    For the rest of you, there are stilll great shows around town tonight, including the Mattson2 at El Dorado (a great escape from Mardi Gras), Morcheeba's at the House of Blues, and Everest plays the final of their four week residency at the Casbah. As a courtesy to fans, the band has been playing all the favorites while setting their set time earlier so people aren't losing their jobs in the morning. Come wish our friends in Everest a final farewell, or at the very least, a "see you again soon."

    Tuesday March 8:

    • Everest, Red Cortez, Henry Wolfe @ Casbah -- read an interview with Henry Wolfe here
    • FM 94/9's Big Sonic Chill presents Morcheeba, the Mumlers @ House of Blues
    • 17th Annual Mardi Gras in The Gaslamp feat. The Crystal Method (DJSet), Sharam, DJ Rap & more -- read a Q&A with the Crystal Method here
    • Death on Mars, Privatized Air, the High Eez @ Soda Bar
    • White Horse, Riververb, Obscura Leche, Monochromancy, DJ Mossman @ Tin Can
    • Hot Tuna, Charlie Musselwhite, Jim Lauderdale @ Belly Up
    • Mattson2 @ El Dorado
    • Anthology House Band @ Anthology
    • Local Brews Local Grooves: Brad Perry, Lenny Morris, Benny Marchant, Nameless Band of Stunning Gentlemen, MFM @ House of Blues Voodoo Stage
    • Musical Chairs, Blvd Park, Eclipse 79 @ Ruby Room
    • Brawley @ Riviera Supper Club
    • Laugh Out Loft @ The Loft
    • Open Mic @ O'Connell's
    • Phat Tuesday with Young Olmos, the Psycle, Vimel @ Kava Lounge
    • Michele Lundeen @ Humphreys Backstage Live
    • Bayou Brothers @ Patrick's ll
    • New Artist Showcase, featuring Paint Me Irrational @ Eleven
    • Dave Booda Acoustic @ Tiki House
    • Tomcat Courtney @ La Gran Tapa
    • Tommy Price and the Stilettos @ Henry's Pub
    • Safety Orange @ Hennessey's Gaslamp
    • Doug Allen, Suzy Bongo @ The Kraken
    • Delta Nove @ Winston's
    • Aloud @ Aztec Center SDSU noon
    • Buzz Campbell and Hot Rod Lincoln @ Valley View Casino
    • Mike Gardner @ Cheers (Ramona)
    • Ron's Trio @ McP's Irish Pub

    Rosemary Bystrak writes about the San Diego music scene, events, and sometimes whatever creeps into her head on her music blog San Diego: Dialed In. Check it for even more listings. She also provides social media content for the Casbah. Follow her updates on Twitter or submit your music listings.